10 Best Discord Voice Changers With All Features, And Pros, Cons.


Discord application is used for free voice and text communication. it's geared toward gamers. The program offers a good quantity of management for those who want to speak over groups.

Discord conversations happen with the assistance of the servers the Discord company offers. Most servers are regarding play in some way, however, you're not restricted to simply gaming servers and conversations.

Voice Changer For Discord

Today, these, voice-changing tools are being employed by a majority of online gamers in an exceedingly bid to stay anonymous on common game streaming platforms like Twitch. And as we tend to specifically specialize in Discord, these tools are a mainstay of chat applications like Skype and Discord.

However, except for the top of obvious merit, these tools have conjointly been the topic of abundant misuse. Trolls appear to be exploiting often to harass folks online. Even underage kids have used this tool to realize entry into adult vice chats.

like everything, a discord voice changer will be used permanently or will be misused, betting on the individual exploitation of it. we tend to, of course, promote such tools for the large edges that they provide to our community as an emblem of incessant human progress. We don't forgive the salacious use of such tools.

So, in an exceedingly bid to rave about these fantastic voice-changing tools, we'll list down a number of the most effective Discord voice changer applications obtainable within the market today. we'll cause you to aware of the options they need future for you, the value at which you'll avail of their services, and what tools are going to be the most effective voice changer for discord as per your individual preference.

10 BEST Discord Voice Changer Software.

  1. Discord Voice Changer.
  2. Clownfish
  3. Voicemod.
  4. VoiceMeeter.
  5. morphvox.
  6. Voxal Voice Changer.
  7. Voice Changer.
  8. Voice Changer With Effects.
  9. AV Voice Changer Software.
  10. Super Voice Editor.

Discord Voice Changer.

Discord Voice Changer defines itself as a leisure app, and with one examining its gallery of voice outcomes, you could apprehend the purpose why. Does discord Voice Changer present an enormous gallery of voice outcomes that may be used to conceal voice.

The alternatives encompass a risk to make you sound like an extraterrestrial being, an animal, or any of your favored pop-tradition characters like Yoda or Robocop. It employs an easy and complete interface that lets customers effortlessly discover the sound impact they're searching for.


Clean and elegant user interface

Create and save a modified voice

Unlimited special voice effects

Apply sound effects in real-time


Very low CPU usage

Connecting with Discord is very easy

Picking a voice is simple and fast


Difficult to install

Finding stable or reliable versions can be tricky

The developer Ovia Games is out of business


Clownfish is a completely easy voice-converting device that now no longer simplest works phenomenally nicely with discord however additionally works excellent with different chat packages like Skype or maybe Steam. Clownfish voice changer works as a system-extensive sound amendment system, which means it is able to run withinside the heritage and may adjust any audio incoming from the microphone or some other line.

Setting it up is quite easy and fast. The device is well suited to all variations of Windows throughout the board. Although we desire it had extra sound features, it's far nevertheless a device we might advise for its austere interface.


Sound player to play various sounds.

Voice Assistant to convert text into speech.

Manage and control your background microphone’s music.

Select from a wide range of voice effects.


It is freeware and doesn't require a free subscription or account sign-in.

Works for all versions of windows.

Setup is pretty easy and fast.


There are no added voice effects except the custom pitch function.

Some voices make certain accents difficult to understand.

Has a limited girl voice changer for discord.


Voicemod is a great-searching device with a fair extra staggering listing of voice filters at its disposal. You get to pick out from an extensive variety of voice outcomes that can have each amusing and sensible uses. If you need to make your voice sound like a robot, Voicemod will let you do that. If you need to feature an enforcing baritone in your voice, the device will help.

The device is spectacularly clean to use, operates in real-time, and is actually loose throughout all Windows platforms. Although the software program works for discord, you may additionally apply it to Skype, Twitch, and different online chat or streaming platforms.


Automatically adds Microphone Input Device setting for Discord upon installation.

Live voice effect demos.

Compatible with all modern games and apps.

Free on Windows.


The voices you produce sound great.

Professionally designed and easy to install.

Flexible with plenty of uses.


The free version locks off too many features.

App and website needs proofreading for its many written mistakes.

Seems to hide paid version until you have actually downloaded.


VoiceMeeter is a device that caters by and large to superior customers. We are speaking approximately customers who recognize an aspect or approximately audio-blending. If you're a person who isn’t happy with the voice outcomes furnished through a software program like Clownfish, you could choose this device and make an audio impact that quality fits your preference.

Operating VoiceMeeter isn't any child’s play and we handiest advocate it to customers who own the technical know-how relating to audio blending tools. If complexity may be deemed as its predominant drawback, its intuitiveness in developing a custom-designed new audio impact is its maximum respected promoting point.


Free to use.

Easy and fast installation.

Support MME, DX, KS, WDM, and ASIO interfaces.


Aimed at advanced users, but offers the feature-set you’d expect from a tool like this.

Supports MME, DX, KS, WDM, ASIO interfaces.

Customized sound effects.


Not the easiest app to use, and not recommended for beginners.


MorphVox aces all different gear in this listing, completely on its cap potential to offer crisp excellent audio output even as now no longer setting a burden at the CPU. The device is going to date as to imitate your very own voice so that it will create the most beneficial sound outcomes.

MorphVox is likewise continuously evolving. Aside from its common features, MorphVox presently additionally gives an MP3 reading, restoring documents withinside the equal folder, higher listing management, plug-in support, and more than one consumer support.

The device is likewise very a laugh to use. You can upload heritage songs even as you're interacting together along with your buddies online, which complements your online gaming experience. You also can upload some of the first-rate sound outcomes to intensify the general experience.


Ultra-quiet background cancellation.

Dispatch sound effects with quick keys.

Optimized for online game streaming.

Choose from an array of high-quality audio effects.


Uses very little bandwidth and CPU power.

Has sound effects you can throw into the mix.

Custom shortcuts make using this tool easier.


The Paid subscription version is very expensive.

The interface shape looks weird and clunky.

The Slightly unintuitive install process.

Voxal Voice Changer.

Voxal sells itself because the go-to software program that allows you to extrude or hide your voice on nearly any gaming and chat platform to be had online. It does this activity quite properly. The device attacks its customers with an infinite choice to extrude the voice. You can sound like a girl, baby, or a satan in a count of seconds way to Voxal.

Apart from being an extremely good voice modulator for discord, it really works phenomenally properly whilst paired with video games, online avatars, or podcasts. The voice extrude is so top-notch that it facilitates customers to keep anonymity whilst acting on the radio or any podcast.

Perhaps the exceptional element approximately Voxal is the reality that it doesn’t require regular meddling with its placing and configurations for every and each application. The equal settings may be used universally for exceptional results.


Choose from a variety of sound effects universal

Universal settings for all applications

Apply effect in real-time

Create custom voice effects

Low CPU usage.


Has a low CPU usage.

The interface is pretty easy to understand.

Add effects to live and recorded voices.


Compatibility with Steam games is hit and miss.

Clean ad-free installs of the free version is tricky.

Some voices sound too similar to bother with.

Voice Changer.

Voice Changer is as simple as a voice converting device gets. It gives you 3 easy options. You can both add an audio document and tweak it with it, use it through a microphone to hide your very own voice, or generate speech from text.

Voice changer straightaway greets you with all sorts of voice results on its welcome page. The voices vary from a commonplace baby, lady voice to famous film and cool animated film voices. This may be hired correctly on your gaming periods online or whilst you're talking to your pals online.


Upload and tweak the audio

Change and disguise voice on a microphone

Check voice effect demo

Speech generator.


Easy-to-use interface

No installations required

Customize voice effects


limited voice effects library.

Voice Changer With Effects.

Now right here comes a utility this is specially designed for android users. As a voice changer, the device is quite simple to put in and use. You get a choice to conceal your voice with an array of alternatives whilst additionally including outcomes for natural fun.

The device permits you to import pre-recorded sound and tweak it to your satisfaction. The device comes full of over forty specific voice outcomes to employ. The device can paint adequately with chat programs on android.


Set ringtones and caller tunes

Create speech from text

Import pre-recorded audio

Share end-result on social media

Pros :

Pretty easy to understand how it works

Has a robust number of voices

Allows you to save your recordings


Wants access to your external storage (your memory card)

Linking it up with Discord is tricky

Slight lag when changing voices

AV Voice Changer Software.

AV Voice Changer lets you extrude each component of your voice and make it absolutely unrecognizable for your listeners. You can sound like something you want, a woman, a child, or a robot. The device affords you an array of voice preferences, and voice results to pick out from, which sincerely assist you to create a completely unique voice whenever you operate this device.

Powered with the digital audio motive force technology, the device right away integrates with nearly all styles of VoIP tools, role-gambling games, and chat applications. You can use this device to conceal your voice on Twitch, Discord, Skype, and different such platforms.


Voice editors

Voice recorder

Voice and file Morpher

Create custom sound effects


Great fun

Convert files in batch

Lots of voice preferences

Compatible with VOIP apps produce professional results

Large user online community support with samples, files and creations


some time to get used to

The Trial version has limited time for recording

There is a learning curve to producing professional results

Different from the typical classic UI of other voice changers, so this software interface may need

Super Voice Editor.

Super Voice Editor is a clever voice editor that facts and edits your voice to sound absolutely unrecognizable. You can without problems make edits for your recorded voice and remodel it to sound like a baby, demon, or a well-known superhero man or woman you like.

Apart from the above apparent merit, the device additionally masquerades as an outstanding mp3 cutter and audio-enhancing enhancing device. It lets you feature voice outcomes for your uploaded audio, in addition, to shortening your mp3 audio clip.

The device also can substantially alter you're making a song voice to make it sound extra in-song and melodious than it generally might have.


MP3 Cutter: Not limited cut any voice from any audio file.

Audio Editor: Freely edit all kinds of music in a different format.

Voice Recorder: Easily record any voice whenever and wherever possible.

Audio Tuner: A Variety of interesting scenes can be used.

Voice Changer: Plenty of awesome characters to change.

Ringtone Maker: Efficiently DIY your own ringtone.

Messenger Voice Changer: Funny changing voice can be sent to your friends.

How To Use A Voice Changer On Discord.


Since every of the gear on this text is unfastened, there's not anything preventing you from downloading them all and attempting every one. Just make sure you're downloading from a dependable and secure location due to the fact a few websites host malicious downloads that aren't what they are saying they are. You may additionally have some issues in phrases of compatibility.

For example, a few will handiest paintings on Windows devices, or iOS devices, or on Android devices. Though not one of the applications indexed in this text are iOS handiest. Are you a fan of 1 or extra unfastened voice changer for discord? Share this text on social media together along with your pals and open up a discussion. Let your pals recognise which device you're the usage of so they will be part of you withinside the humorous voice-changing fun.





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